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Reveal the essence of your next destination


Thoughtful comparisons highlight stylistic changes


Bullet-point-driven text facilitates quick understanding


Marked-up images make identification of key features easy

A guidebook like no other

You’ve never used a guidebook like this before. Each guide allows you to appreciate a destination’s cultural highlights in a whole new light by providing context and insights found nowhere else. You’ll discover a destination’s unique story through our engaging, thorough explanations enhanced by high-resolution photos and detailed floorplans. We invite you to explore our collection of 40 guidebooks to sites throughout the world.

  • Exclusive focus on cultural sites

    Approach Guides are focused exclusively on providing deep insight into your destination’s best cultural sites and experiences.

  • Designed for digital

    Guidebooks are designed from the ground up for digital, the ideal format for today’s traveler.

  • More interactive and visually oriented

    High-resolution images — maps, photos, floor plans, and illustrations — are often marked up with text to ease identification of key architectural and artistic elements (see image above).

  • Organized to make touring easy

    Featuring bullet points and fast navigation, Approach Guides make it effortless to absorb key themes and follow the itinerary.

  • Advice for getting the best experience

    Guidebooks offer logistical advice and provide links to online resources. Plus, we provide our personal tips for getting the most from your experience while on location.

  • Free updates

    All guidebooks are marked with version numbers; when we update a guidebook, existing customers can simply download the update for free from Amazon and Apple.

What customers have to say

Ola | Amazon customer

“Very helpful and essential guide. Author’s temple rating is very useful while planning visit in Angkor Wat if your time is limited. Highly recommendable!”

Ola | Amazon customerReview of "Temples of Angkor" guidebook
Francis G Lu | Amazon customer

“Don’t leave home without it! I was on tour for 2 weeks in Morocco in Nov. and Dec. 2014 and found this guide invaluable. It begins with generous introductory material about the architecture and decoration seen in Morocco. Monuments in 6 cities are well described with maps and highlighted closeup photographs: Rabat, Salé, Meknes, Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca…”

Francis G Lu | Amazon customerReview of "Morocco Revealed" guidebook
Amandine Hugodot | Amazon customer

“This guide is a real pearl: it changes all the way you visit and discover Florence. Thanks to the great, precise, digest and clear explanations of the guide, we got to appreciate the many frescos of Florence in a very deep way. Walking with our iphone was so easy, and sitting in front of the fresco while reading the AG explanations to accompany our eyes discovering the many details made it all much more interesting … A must have!”

Amandine Hugodot | Amazon customerReview of "Last Supper Frescoes of Florence" guidebook
I Rubin | Amazon customer

“Excellent guidebook, richly detailed. Reading it feels like walking through this incredible site with a very knowledgeable docent. Readable and engaging.”

I Rubin | Amazon customerReview of "Spain Revealed: Alhambra" guidebook
F Graziani | Amazon customer

“This book enabled me to more deeply understand and then appreciate the sights in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. Anyone who might desire a deeper historical and contextual understanding of their experience in Sri Lanka ought to read this book before their travels there. It is an indispensable tool for any serious traveler who wishes to appreciate his/her travel experiences to this amazing destination.”

F Graziani | Amazon customerReview of "Sri Lanka Revealed: The Cultural Triangle" guidebook

In the press

Travel + Leisure Magazine

“Compulsive (and compulsively informed) travelers, the Raezers are the masterminds behind the downloadable Approach Guides, which are filled with a university course-worth of history and insights for 62 destinations worldwide. Why we love it. The Raezers share our desire for deep, well-researched information on the wonders of the world.”

Travel + Leisure Magazine
Los Angeles Times

“What started as one couple’s travel notes aimed at filling in the gaps in guidebooks has become — a menu of downloadable travel guides that cover cultural and historical topics of interest to thoughtful travelers. What’s hot: Bite-sized travel guides that specialize in topics ranging from … the foods of Italy to one that helps you explore the historical and architectural significance of Angkor’s famous temple structures in Cambodia.”

Los Angeles Times