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Wine guides for the ultra curious, Approach Guides takes an in depth look at a wine region’s grapes, appellations, and vintages to help you discover wines that meet your preferences. The purpose of this guide is to profile the unique aspects of Australia’s appellations and grape varieties; this guide does not profile specific producers or rate individual wines.

The breadth and depth of Australia’s wine landscape is daunting. The country’s wine production is spread out across six massive regions — New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia — that run along the southern edge of the country, each with myriad terroirs that serve to give their wines unique expressions.

This Approach Guide begins by offering a straightforward vintage ratings table, which affords high-level insight into the best and most challenging years for wine production in Australia.  It then describes the country’s primary red and white grape varieties.  Finally and most important, this guide provides a detailed, region-by-region review.  For each region, this guide profiles all of its appellations, pointing out the best wines and what makes them distinctive.

Rather than seek to tell you what specific bottle of wine to order, we give guidance as to how to approach ordering the most appropriate wine for the region and your personal tastes. When appropriate, we have let our opinions be known.

Look for the asterisks! * We mark each of our favorite regions, grape varieties, and appellations with an asterisk — these wines will provide quality, consistency, and good values.

We hope you enjoy what we believe is a totally unique guide to the wines of Australia.

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Publication date : April 2012 (version 1.1)
Length : 64 pages

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