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Wine guides for the ultra curious, Approach Guides takes an in depth look at a wine region’s grapes, appellations, and vintages to help you discover wines that meet your preferences. The purpose of this guide is to profile the unique aspects of Chile’s appellations and grape varieties; this guide does not profile specific producers or rate individual wines.

The wines of South America continue to garner global recognition, fueled by ongoing quality improvements and continued attractive price points. As part of our series dedicated to South America, we take a comprehensive look at the wines of Chile. Our goal is to provide wine enthusiasts with the critical information required to make informed wine selections.

This Approach Guide begins with a review of Chile’s primary red and white grape varieties, covering the country’s signatures cabernet sauvignon and carmenère to rising stars sauvignon blanc and syrah. For each grape, we touch on its unique character in Chile and the areas in which it reaches its highest expression.

We continue with detailed profiles of the country’s winemaking regions. Each regional profile offers valuable insights into the prevailing terroir — geography, climate, soil type — and the influence it has on the resulting wines. With the fundamentals in place, we profile its red and white wines, pointing out the best bets and explaining what makes them distinctive.

Finally, we conclude by offering a straightforward vintage ratings table, which affords high-level perspective on the best and most challenging years for wine production in Chile.

This guidebook’s approach, based on that of our wine app for the iPhone and iPad (, is unique: rather than tell you what specific bottle of wine to order by providing individual producer or bottle reviews, this Approach Guide gives you the information you require to make informed wine choices on any list.

* Look for the asterisks. We mark each of our favorite appellations and grape varieties with an asterisk (*) — they have established records for providing quality, consistency, and good values.

This Approach Guide was produced in conjunction with Wines of Chile.

Publication date : January 2013 (version 1.0)
Length : 45 pages

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