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The Loire River Valley, with its cooler temperatures and mineral-heavy soils, offers some of France’s most impressive wines. The best part is that this region is still largely overlooked by the wine drinking public; as a result, Loire Valley wines are tremendous values.

The Loire is home to many fruity, friendly, yet complex ‘bistro style’ red wines based on the cabernet franc grape variety. If you are white wine lover, however, you are in for a special experience; this is where the Loire really hits its stride. The region is a veritable treasure of excellent whites:

  • The ever-so-subtle and mineral-driven muscadets from the Pays Nantais sub-region, the perfect pairing for shellfish.
  • The Loire’s sauvignon blanc-based wines are the model for the rest of the winemaking world. The best are from the Central Vineyards sub-region: Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé AOCs.
  • The best of them all, however, are those based on the chenin blanc, which must be tasted to be believed; there are no better than those from the Anjou and Touraine sub-regions: Coteaux du Layon (half-sweet to sweet wines), Vouvray (off-sweet to half-sweet wines), and Savennières (dry wines) AOCs.

This Approach Guide begins by offering a straightforward vintage ratings table, which affords high-level, area-by-area insight into the best and most challenging years for wine production in the Loire.

It continues with a brief review of the Loire’s primary red and white grape varieties and where they reach their highest expressions.

Finally, it concludes with detailed appellation profiles, across all five sub-regions (running from west to east): Nantais, Anjou, Saumur, Touraine, and Central Vineyards. For each, this guide offers insight into its specific terroir, pointing out the best wines and what makes them distinctive.

This guidebook’s approach is based on that of our wine app for the iPhone and iPad (www.agwine.com) and is unique: Rather than tell you what specific bottle of wine to order by providing individual bottle reviews, this Approach Guide gives you the information you require to make informed wine choices on any list.

* Look for the asterisks. We mark each of our favorite appellations and grape varieties with an asterisk (*) — they have a record for providing quality, consistency, and good values.

We hope you enjoy what we believe is a totally unique guide to the wines of the Loire Valley.

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Publication date : April 2012 (version 1.0)
Length : 82 pages

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