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Publication date : April 2012 (version 1.3)
Length : 155 pages
One of the joys of traveling to Italy is experiencing the traditional local cuisine (cucina tipica): a perfectly prepared risotto in Lombardy or Piedmont, a savory pappa al pomodoro in Florence or lightly fried moeche (soft-shell crabs) in Venice.

With our Approach Guide to the Regional Foods of Italy, we offer recommendations for navigating the Italian culinary scene (when to eat, how to tip, when not to order a cappuccino, etc.) followed by a region-by-region culinary review. In reviewing the food for each region, we profile the typical antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci.

To make things easier for you to navigate each new region’s cuisine, this guidebook also provides detailed profiles of Italian salumi and pasta types, as well as a comprehensive, searchable, Italian-to-English glossary of culinary terms.

Using our Italian Food Guide

  1. Never miss a ‘must-try’ dish. Our Approach Guide to Italian Food is organized by region and uses a bullet-point based format that enables you to quickly scan through the list of foods and quickly find the recommended ‘must-try’ dishes for each region.
  2. Complete your Italian culinary experience. Pair this guide with our Italian Wine Guide.

This guide has been written with the traveler in mind and is organized by region (so that when in a specific place like Venice or Rome, you can quickly and easily identify local dishes to try).

We hope you enjoy what we believe is a totally unique cultural guide to some of the best in Italian cuisine. Buon appetito!

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