Approach Guides, in our opinion, are the best cultural travel guides on the market. We take a unique approach to exploring historic sites and lead our readers to explore each site and begin to make new discoveries on their own.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is some of the reviews our travel guides have received from other travelers.

Travel guide book reviews from the pros

“Compulsive (and compulsively informed) travelers, the Raezers are the masterminds behind the downloadable Approach Guides, which are filled with a university course-worth of history and insights for 62 destinations worldwide. WHY WE LOVE IT The Raezers share our desire for deep, well-researched information on the wonders of the world.”

“What started as one couple’s travel notes aimed at filling in the gaps in guidebooks has become — a menu of downloadable travel guides that cover cultural and historical topics of interest to thoughtful travelers.  What’s hot: Bite-sized travel guides that specialize in topics ranging from 29 pages on the foods of Italy to one that helps you explore the historical and architectural significance of Angkor’s famous temple structures in Cambodia. But you don’t have to buy a guide to get value from the site. Check out its Travel Tips page for recommended tour operators and local guides, or its blog for weekly travel tips. I was especially drawn to its foodie advice and a post on “The Best Parks to See Tigers in India.”  Read the full article.

Jen Leo, LA Times.


“Apart from online travel magazines, blogs, and companies like Approach Guides who publish excellent digital travel guidebooks with good maps, there are plenty of apps like, which allows you to put together your own city guide based on experts and your friends’ recommendations. Most are free – or affordable – all are easy to access and are cheaper – and lighter – than guidebooks. It’s a fact that sales of printed guides are plummeting because publishers have been too slow to get to grips with new technology.”  Read the full article.

Caroline Eden, @edentravels


“…[Approach Guides] are for those who want to understand what they’re seeing and know the story behind the sight. They’re also easy to read, with a clean layout and well-organized. Use them to understand history, but also to plan a destination around a particular interest, like mosaics or churches.”


“Drinking wine while traveling the world is a fun way to learn about a country and its culture. But how do you choose from a list of wines printed in another language with grapes or appellations that are unfamiliar to you? Baby boomers traveling to Italy and Spain now have a secret weapon — Approach Guides Wine app for iPhone and iTouch (works with iPad too)”. Read the Complete Review.

-Donna Hull, “The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel”

Also mentioned in …

USA Today Logo

Landmarks in Italy. “Travel Tips” by Vincent Madrone, USA Today.


“Pardon the terrible pun (as you’ll soon see), but I’m delighted to introduce today’s guests, who offer up their view of world travel with a different ‘approach.’ It’s Jennifer & David Raezer, who are very active in the Sharing Travel Experiences community and I’ve known them virtually for some time. I look forward to seeing them this summer when I visit their hometown of New York City, but meanwhile I’m satisfied reading about their world adventures – both those related to their love of wine as well as those related to their love of drawing connections.”

Sharing Travel Experiences with Andy Hayes. Read the full interview.

“I’ve got a fantastic resource to share with our Wandering Educators today! You know how I love travel guides. Well, I’m so excited to share a new kind of travel guide with you – Approach Guides. Created by Jennifer and David Raezer, Approach Guides encompass the whole cultural experience of a place, whether it is Ancient Buddhist Caves in India and China, the Stupa Form’s Transformation over Time, Islamic Cairo, Ancient Mediterranean Mosaics: Connecting the Dots, or Buon Appetito! Italian Food Guide. Each guide delves into the subject, truly exploring it (and making you want to GO THERE NOW). Perfect for the thinking traveler, Approach Guides are one of the best travel guides I’ve ever found.”

Wandering Educators with Dr. Jessie Voigts. Read the full interview.

What our customers are saying…

“If you’re interested in Romanesque architecture I recommend buying the Approach Guide to Romanesque Churches of Puglia, it’s available as an app you can download easily. It offers floor plans and architectural/historical details of each site . Highly recommended for those of you who will be trailing around the sites in the wake of your partners.”

From trip report via welltraveledbrit on Fodors

“Venice is an incredible city, but the amount of sites to see there can be overwhelming (just figuring out how the vaporetto works was a challenge). My husband and I used the Approach Guide to Venetian Architecture on our first visit to Venice and it helped us sort through all of the sites and organize our visit to the city. The guide gives a helpful history of the lagoon and highlights must-see sites and explains why they are important. We will definitely use Approach Guides for our next trip.”

Verice, New York City

“Our family used your recommendations during our trip to Italy this past summer. The trip was more enjoyable for your efforts.”

Mark G., Philadelphia

“Approach Guides has truly made a difference in the way I travel – the guidebooks take me off the beaten path and help me remember the stories behind the sites long after I return home. The information in each guide is totally unique — I have never seen anything else like it.  I highly recommend these travel guides to anyone.”

Robert L., New York City

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...begin with Approach Guides
The world’s best art, architecture
and cultural experiences.
Delivered weekly.