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Mosque of Córdoba, Spain | A Walk to the Mezquita's Mihrab (Video)

Walk down the center aisle of the Mosque of Córdoba (la Mezquita)…
Relief at Borobudur Lalitavistara - Triumphs As Buddha
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Borobudur: Relief Scenes from the Life of the Buddha (Video)

Borobudur, a massive 9th century Buddhist temple in Java, Indonesia,…
London UK - St. Stephen Walbrook Dome
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London Architecture: Wren's Churches (Video)

Following the Great Fire of 1666, King Charles II of England…
Chariot Builders in Puri, India
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Wooden Chariot Builders in Puri, India (Video)

Enormous wooden structures resembling a Hindu temple on wheels…
Istanbul, Turkey - Skyline with Suleymaniye
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Istanbul Skyline: A View from the Golden Horn (Video)

Take a guided tour of Istanbul’s skyline. We highlight the…
Ascension Dome in the Basilica of St Mark - Venice, Italy
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The Story of St Mark's Mosaics (Video)

Discover the primary story told in the 12th century mosaics that…
Buddha in Dambulla Cave - Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka: Dambulla Cave Temple (Video)

In this video, we take a walk through Sri Lanka's magnificent…
Vatadage at Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka: Polonnaruwa Vatadage (Video)

Explore Sri Lanka's 12th century Buddhist vatadage (covered…
Faces on Bayon Temple Towers - Angkor, Cambodia
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The Faces of Angkor (Video)

The stone-carved faces are one of Angkor's most iconic images.…
Decoration in the Attarine Madrasa - Fes, Morocco
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Morocco Architecture: What to See in Morocco's Imperial Cities (Video)

Travelers to Morocco will encounter three types of structures:…
Kairaouine Minarets - Fez, Morocco
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Call To Prayer in Fez, Morocco (Video)

In this episode of Approach Guides' On Location series, we take…
Cast Iron Architecture - Pediment - NYC
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Cast Iron Architecture in SoHo and TriBeCa (Video)

Explore the cast iron architecture of New York's SoHo and Tribeca…
View of St Mark's from the Campanile - Venice, Italy
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Eastern Influences on St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy (Video)

In this episode of our Insights series, Jennifer Raezer, Approach…