Best Restaurants in Naples, Italy

The food in Naples, Italy (Napoli) is some of the best on the Italian peninsula. The area of Campania provides local chefs with excellent raw ingredients, which you will find in many of the traditional foods of Naples, Italy: fresh fish sourced directly from the Mediterranean Sea, tomatoes from San Marzano and buffalo mozzarella from nearby Battipaglia.

If you have the chance to stay a few nights in Naples, I highly recommend it. The city has an authentic feel and some incredible restaurants. Below we have listed some of our favorites:

Note: When reserving for restaurants, make sure to do it late (10pm or later) or you will be dining with 1) all tourists or 2) no one. 🙂

  • ***Da Dora. 30 Via Ferdinando Palasciano; 39-081/680-519. Very good, old school seafood restaurant; the owners sing periodically through the meal. A great experience and highly recommended; it is certainly our favorite restaurant experience in the city (see video for an explanation)!
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Bellini Ristoranti. Via S. Maria Di Costantinopoli, 80. Tel 081.459774. Simple restaurant with Neopolitan classics. Linguini al Cartoccio (baked pasta) is a speciality. Pizza also served.
  • Da Ettore. Via S.Lucia 56 in the San Ferdinando Quarter. Tel 0817640498. Very good, basic restaurant, with very fresh seafood pasta and pizza.
  • La Stanza del Gusto di Mario Avallone. 21 Vicoletto Sant’Arpino, just off of Via Chiaia; 39-081/401-578. Very good food that is more creative that most other places in Napoli; and unlike most Italian restaurants that try to be creative, this chef is actually successful. If possible, opt for his specials as they are particularly inventive (we ate thinly sliced buffalo meat over a strawberry/onion puree and topped with smoked salmon – his take on vitello tonnato). Very friendly service. Watch for his restaurant in Noto, Sicily.
  • La Barrique. Piazzetta Ascensione, 9. 081/662721. Excellent little wine bar with a long bar and stools at which you can sit and have a drink (can be difficult to find in Naples). Most people were not there for the bar but for the food (we did not eat here).

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