French Wine Guides

Wine guides for the ultra curious

<p><a href="">Wine Guide: Bordeaux</a></p>
Get this definitive guidebook to the wines of France’s largest and most well-respected region, Bordeaux, the home of France’s powerhouse claret blends and sauvignon blanc-sémillon dry and sweet whites.

Bordeaux Wine Guide

<p><a href="">Wine Guide: Burgundy</a></p>

Burgundy is home to the supreme expressions of pinot noir, chardonnay, and gamay. This guide gives you what you need to make informed wine choices on any list.

Burgundy Wine Guide

<p><a href="">Wine Guide: Loire Valley</a></p>
Get this on-the-go reference to appreciate the breadth and depth of the Loire Valley's stunning, under-appreciated wines.

Loire Valley Wine Guide

<p><a href="">AG Wine App for iPhone & iPad</a></p>

Designed for the iPhone and iPad, the Approach Guides Wine app's insightful, country-specific profiles of regions, appellations, grape varieties, and vintages provide exactly what you need to make informed wine choices.

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