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The cultural capital of Europe, Italy is known for its art, architecture, history, food and wine. Our travel guide apps and ebooks are available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and Android and explore each of these topics in depth, giving you an authentic and meaningful Italian travel experience. Photo credit: © Marie-Lan Nguyen

<p><a href="">Venice Guide: St. Mark's Basilica</a></p>

Originally built as a defense of and justification for the Venice's greatness, St. Mark’s Basilica now stands as a symbol of it.

Venice Travel Guide
<p><a href="">Sicily Guide: Mosaics</a></p>

The Norman churches of Palermo, Sicily, hold some of the most impressive Byzantine mosaics in the world.

Sicily Travel Guide
<p><a href="">Italian Wine Guide</a></p>

Italy produces excellent wine at amazing prices; however finding that perfect bottle can sometimes be tricky. This guidebook lays out the wine landscape and helps travelers make sound choices.

Italian Wine Guide

<p><a href="">Italian Food Guide</a></p>

One of the joys of traveling to Italy is experiencing the traditional cuisine, with each region having unique recipes, specialties and culinary traditions.  This region-by-region guide provides what you need to order like a local.

Italian Food Guide

<p><a href="">Puglia Guide: Romanesque Churches</a></p>

Explore Puglia's unique Romanesque churches. On this multi-church tour, travelers learn about the distinctive Puglian Romanesque architectural style, why it arose, and what makes it unique.

Puglia Travel Guide

<p><a href="">Florence Guide: Last Supper Frescoes</a></p>

Explore the rich artistic heritage of fresco painting in Florence -- and the influence of Leonardo da Vinci -- in this guide and walking tour of Last Supper Frescoes.

Florence Travel Guide

<p><a href="">AG Wine App for iPhone & iPad</a></p>

Designed for the iPhone and iPad, the AG Wine app's insightful, country-specific profiles of regions, appellations, grape varieties, and vintages provide exactly what you need to make informed wine choices.

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