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<p><a href="">Venice Guide: St. Mark's Basilica</a></p>

Originally built as a defense of and justification for the Venice's greatness, St. Mark’s Basilica now stands as a symbol of it.

Venice Travel Guide
<p><a href="">Sicily Guide: Mosaics</a></p>

The Norman churches of Palermo, Sicily, hold some of the most impressive Byzantine mosaics in the world.

Sicily Travel Guide
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Wine App for iPhone & iPad</a></p>

Designed for the iPhone and iPad, the Approach Guides' wine app provides insightful profiles of regions, appellations, grape varieties, and vintages to help you make informed wine choices.

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<p><a href="">Italian Wine Guide</a></p>

Italy produces excellent wine at amazing prices; however finding that perfect bottle can sometimes be tricky. This guidebook lays out the wine landscape and helps travelers make sound choices.

Italian Wine Guide

<p><a href="">Italian Food Guide</a></p>

One of the joys of traveling to Italy is experiencing the traditional cuisine, with each region having unique recipes, specialties and culinary traditions.  This region-by-region guide provides what you need to order like a local.

Italian Food Guide

<p><a href="">Puglia Guide: Romanesque Churches</a></p>

Explore Puglia's unique Romanesque churches. On this multi-church tour, travelers learn about the distinctive Puglian Romanesque architectural style, why it arose, and what makes it unique.

Puglia Travel Guide

<p><a href="">Florence Guide: Last Supper Frescoes</a></p>

Explore the rich artistic heritage of fresco painting in Florence -- and the influence of Leonardo da Vinci -- in this guide and walking tour of Last Supper Frescoes.

Florence Travel Guide