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<a href="">Spain: Granada's Alhambra</a>

The palaces of Granada's Alhambra are some of the most impressive surviving structures from the 700 years during which Islamic forces controlled the Iberian peninsula. They represents the final flowering of Islamic art and architecture in Spain.

Guide to Granada's Alhambra
<a href="">Spain: Córdoba's Mezquita</a>

A massive structure constructed in five stages from 785-988 by the Umayyads, Cordóba's Great Mosque, known as the Mezquita, reveals a unrivaled collection of art and architecture from early Al-Andalus.

Guide to Córdoba's Mezquita
<p><a href="">Wine Guide: Spain</a></p>

Navigating Spanish wine lists can be a bit tricky: they are full of indigenous grape varieties and each region has its distinct offerings. This guidebook explores Spain's wines, region by region, denomination by denomination.

Spanish Wine Guide

<p><a href="">AG Wine App for iPhone & iPad</a></p>

Designed for the iPhone and iPad, the Approach Guides Wine app's insightful, country-specific profiles of regions, appellations, grape varieties, and vintages provide exactly what you need to make informed wine choices.

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