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We are constantly updating and improving our guidebooks.  And one of the many benefits of ebooks is that we are able to release updated versions of our guidebooks for free to existing customers.

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Find the latest version

Version 1.0 indicates the initial release. To find the version number of your guidebook, check its title page. If an update is available, follow these instructions on how to download your update.

North and South America


Middle East and Africa

South Asia

Southeast Asia

East Asia

Oceania: Australia & New Zealand

Download the Update

Apple iPad and iPhone on iBookstore

Go to the iBooks Library. Tap ‘Edit’ within your iBooks Library to delete the updated Approach Guides book on your device. Then tap ‘Store’, then ‘Purchases’ to redownload the new guidebook (sometimes you may have to fully close the application for the update to take effect). Apple will recognize that you have already purchased the updated Approach Guides book and allow you to download the new version for free.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon has recently released a new way to push updates to your device. Go to your online Kindle library to view all books purchased on your account. The updated Approach Guides book should have a “Update Available” link next to it on the far right. If you do not see this button, you can email Amazon’s Kindle customer service and ask for them to push you the new version of a specific book (free of charge); Amazon has committed to making this update process easier in the future, but this is the best way to do it right now.